Don’t Say You Can’t, Tell Me You Won’t

(I first wrote this on 1 April 2020 when I was on the low part of this roller coaster ride. Thought I’d share it again.)

On truth and broken promises

The sweetness of beautiful promises
Intoxicating, dripping like morning dew
Matched only by sweet kisses
Doubts, fears give way to what feels true
Words so precious, my heart in your hand
But when I ask for more, you always say ‘I can’t’

You asked for patience, you need more time
Sshh, quiet down inner voice, buckle down, stand by
Why does it hurt? Loving you is my only crime
And why, after the laughter, do I break down and cry?
Mere crumbs, I know, you give what you can
So when I ask for more, you always say ‘I can’t’

Every sunrise is brighter, sunsets more divine
Senses peak, awakened like never before
The mundane made special, your existence sublime
Life is extraordinary, why ask for more?
Because I know my worth, I know where I stand
Proof is in the pudding, you always say ‘I can’t’

Mind blown, grateful, in awe that our paths even crossed
So unexpected, wings unclipped, it made perfect sense
Connection so deep we were engrossed
But reality set in, it became a life in pretence
I don’t blame you, don’t apologise, just don’t
But please, stop saying you can’t, just tell me you won’t

Can’t Is A Euphemism For Won’t

Let me say it again: can’t is a euphemism for won’t. (Thanks to Marie Forleo for this gem of a quote.)

Own your choices. Recognise when others aren’t owning theirs and hurting you in the process.

Take back responsibility. Don’t let others get away with not doing so.

Empower yourself. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So when you say you can’t, remember that 99% of the time, you really mean you won’t. And it’s okay. But say it. Own it. Accept your choices.

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